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"It's got an infectious beat, and the lyrics are the type you just can't help belt out. If the rest of the album is anything like this track, we're all in for a real treat."

- Canadian Beats

(For release: Friday, March 26, 2021) Ontario’s foot stompin’, rootsy blues singer/songwriter Jay Pollmann is thrilled to be releasing his second solo project with his brand new LP One Day Older None The Wiser. A 10-track album Pollmann built from taking chances and creating life experiences for himself and his family.

“To me, One Day Older None The Wiser is a road trip type of album. It has a very Canadian feel and vibe,” said Pollmann. “While taking the leap of selling everything and travelling across Eastern Canada full time with my young family, I was searching for answers to determine if it was ever worth the effort to create a full album again. Upon arriving back in Ontario and full of inspiration from the travels my musical fire was re-lit. I wrote and reworked 10 songs, took them into the studio and recorded One Day Older None The Wiser.”

Jay Pollmann is now ready to share his stories in song with the release of One Day Older None The Wiser, featuring a matured robust sound in comparison to his previous EP. The songs are inspired by taking chances and leaving a safe space in search of something more, it's the kind of record you'll want to take with you on your travels.

Album: One Day Older None The Wiser

Origin: Port Dover, ON

Genre(s): Americana, Rootsy Blues, Folk

Release Date: March 26, 2021

Songwriting: Jay Pollmann on all songs, #6 co-write with Aaron Goldstein

Produced By: Aaron Goldstein

Engineered & Mixed By: Aaron Goldstein, Paul Phelan

Mastered By: Stephen Pitkin, Modest Heights Mastering

Recorded At: Baldwin Street Sound, Toronto ON

Musical Contributions

​Jay Pollmann: Guitars, Vocals

Aaron Goldstein: Pedal Steel, Guitars, Bass, Drums

Eric Pollmann: Drums, Bass

Dani Nash: Drums

Carleigh Aikins: Vocals

Jesse O’Brien: Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer

Steve Marriner: Harmonica


  1. In The Land Of Standing Water 4:39

  2. Can’t Unwrite A Wrong - 3:12

  3. Northumberland Straight - 4:03

  4. One Day Older None The Wiser - 4:27

  5. Rest Our Bones - 3:29

  6. Low and Behold - 3:43

  7. Shoulda Took The Money Outta The Bank - 4:16

  8. North vs South East vs West - 3:30

  9. Great Lakes and Streams - 3:47

  10. Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way - 3:19

Born in the gritty steel town of Hamilton Ontario and raised outside the small village of Cayuga in the fields of Haldimand County, Jay Pollmann has intertwined the rural/urban musical divide to create a unique sound he describes as ‘foot stompin' rootsy blues’.

Primarily performing as a solo artist, Jay brings a dynamic, original and energetic ‘one man band’ type of performance to his live shows. After a 10 year career with the dirt rock trio Gruve, the woodworker turned songwriter released his first solo EP Head In The Clouds in 2017 produced by Aaron Goldstein out of Toronto. Following his travels, Jay found himself back in the studio in early 2020 to record a full LP, once again with Aaron Goldstein behind the controls. Session players included Dani Nash, Steve Marriner, Carleigh Aikins, Eric Pollmann and Jesse O’Brien.

Honing his songwriting and performances on stages all the way from small town Ontario to St. John’s Newfoundland and as far as Memphis Tennessee, Jay is forging a path all his own forever chasing down that next great song and inspiration.

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