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(For release: Friday, March 26, 2021) Ahead of the May 7th release of his debut album, David Lafleche has released three new songs from Everyday Son Part 2.

With the three new songs released today, David Lafleche establishes his own brand of Americana folk. Having drawn on many sources of inspiration from Nashville -the great cradle of country music- he unveils a sonic universe filled with sweetness and emotion.

Extraordinarily Ordinary

(David Lafleche, Marie-Mai Bouchard, Derik Hultquist, Connor Seidel)

“Despite the complexity of beings, there is a certain simplicity," explains David. “I first understood this with a friend I met several years ago when I was touring with Amanda Marshall.” David pays tribute to this friend and fellow musician, with whom he developed a deep and long-lasting friendship over the years. While writing a melody one day, David learned of this friend's sudden death. The song took on all the complexities of grief, resulting in the track Extraordinarily Ordinary.

Training Wheels

(David Lafleche, Marie-Mai Bouchard, Mando Saenz)

Written and dedicated to his brother, David runs through distant and recent memories, expressing all the love he has for his brother, who is also his best friend. In sketching a portrait of his life, he could not overlook the integral nature of this relationship. “The lyric is peppered with key phases, memories and important moments, all in the company of one of the central figures in my life: my brother.”

Oklahoma Rain

(David Lafleche, Marie-Mai Bouchard, Derik Hultquist, Connor Seidel)

When writing this album, David surrounded himself with extraordinary collaborators, some of whom were able to offer him lyrics that perfectly expressed the ideas he wanted to communicate. For the song Oklahoma Rain, it was his life partner, Marie-Mai, who was struck with inspiration after listening to David's music. The result is a lyric about the difficulty of letting go, set to the rhythm of his signature style of country Americana.

Watch for the release of his debut album on May 7th.

About David

David has been surrounded by music since childhood. His father was an orchestra conductor, and his mother and aunt were pop singers in the 60's and 70's. He discovered his love of the guitar and went to Boston to study at the Berklee College of Music. Year after year, his career as a conductor and musical director grew, with television appearances and large-scale events. In addition to collaborating on the production and arrangements for several albums, he also wrote the soundtrack for the film Starbuck. Influenced by James Taylor and country music, his passion for Americana folk music finally took central stage in his life in 2020, when he came into his own as a singer-songwriter.

Listen to Everyday Son Part 2:

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