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(For Immediate Release) Today, David Laflèche's album has officially been released. Featuring a cast of talented musicians, a dedicated producer, and great writing collaborators, Laflèche delivers an authentic and touching tribute to the people in his life.

Following the release of 7 tracks with two EPs, David Laflèche reveals the title track of the album, Everyday Son, a tribute to his mother, as well as the track Better Run, in collaboration with his life partner and artistic collaborator Marie-Mai.

With the exception of We Collided, which he wrote on his very first guitar, David created and recorded the rest of the album using a single guitar: a Martin 0018 1946, purchased in 2014 from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. Steeped in the timeless ambiance of Nashville, great birthplace of country music, David began writing the songs for the album in 2016. The melodies came effortlessly in such perfect and inspiring conditions. There was no specific goal, no obligation or urgency to write an album. Accompanied on his artistic journey by Marie-Mai, David let the inspiration flow through him, strummed the chords, and took advantage of one of the most creative city’s in the world to meet kindred musical spirits.

Through contacts at Carnival Music, David Laflèche met Mando Saenz, a writer from Texas. “Marie had done much of the writing for Everyday Son when we met Mando. As if in a therapy session, I would be pouring my heart out to a stranger, and at certain moments, after a long pause, Mando would answer, so what you mean is... and his sentence explained exactly what I felt, with the right choice of words and emotions," explains David Laflèche.

“Again through Carnival Publishing in Nashville, I was lucky enough to meet Derik Hultquist, a comedian; a dynamic guy, full of energy. We collaborated on several songs and, once again, I had someone who could pinpoint the words I was looking for while sharing parts of my life. Several songs on the album came from this collaboration; intense songs about depression and death, but joyful ones as well about love and memories of childhood," he continues.

When he returned from Nashville, life took its course…Gisèle entered the couple's life and projects began to take a little longer to be completed. It wasn’t until 2019 that David approached Connor Seidel to produce and put the finishing touches on the songs that would become Everyday Son. With the instrumentals already recorded in Nashville, David found his voice and the right tone, and they pulled together, mixed, and produced the album. “Connor brought so much to this album. His ability to listen, be patient and trust gave me the space to find the best of myself," says David. The album was mixed by Joe Costa at Sound Emporium Studios (Nashville) and mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound (Nashville).

Everyday Son marks a new chapter in the life of David Laflèche; a predestined step for one who follows in the footsteps of his musical family: a composer father who became an orchestra conductor, and a mother who was a Miladys and backup singer. The title of the album, Everyday Son, is an ode to the source and foundation of David’s creative life: a loving mother that supported her son in every way as he pursued his passion.

Everyday Son is available on all platforms, in digital version only.

Album: David Lafleche - Everyday Son

Origin: Quebec, Canada

Genre(s): Americana, Folk, Country

Release Date: May 7, 2021

Produced By: Connor Seidel

Engineered & Mixed By: Joe Costa at Sound Emporium Studios (Nashville)

Mastered By: Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound (Nashville)


  1. Lonely Fire - 4:41

  2. We Collided - 3:21

  3. Everyday Son - 3:57

  4. Counting Lights - 4:44

  5. For Yours to Keep - 3:47

  6. Better Run - 3:36

  7. Training Wheels - 3:18

  8. Extraordinary Ordinary - 3:36

  9. Oklahoma Rain - 3:28

Stream Everyday Son:

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